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A popup portrait project

For women and people of all genders
leading with their femininity in 2018.

Photo: Laura Cabochan

Round One: Winter 2018

We worked with ten women to make ten badass portraits. Participants dared to put aside decades of fears about being polite and pretty. They embraced power, they took control of the design process, and ended up looking fabulous on their own terms.

Why Picture the Female Future?

Because the female future is coming, but it's not assured. In counterpoint to the cascade of men failing in power, this is the time to fill our imaginations with images of people embracing femininity. Thus fueled, we'll build female leadership in business, politics, relationships, and beyond.

Because you need a photo that communicates your personality and values. For better or for worse, this economy scuttles people who don't advance a personal brand.  Even though this popup process is quick, it'll yield a unique, powerful, personal image that assures you won't be lost in the crowd.

How it works

  • Sign up for your 45-minute session using the form below
  • Make your payment
  • Answer the questions on our survey. Here's a preview of the questions:
    • How do you want to show up as a woman in 2018? If you don't identify as a woman, how do you want the female parts of you to show up in 2018?
    • What are the barriers to showing up that way?
    • What would it take to overcome those barriers?
    • How would you feel when you overcame those barriers?
    • How would you look when you overcame those barriers? Clothing, body posture, gestures, hair, jewelry, makeup?
  • On the day of your shoot, arrive, check in, and get your makeup done by coach and makeup artist Okema Diaz.
  • From there, head on to photos with Michael Wilson.
  • Michael will send you one retouched professional headshot, suitable for web use, speaker bios, and print.
  • Furthermore, your photo will have a chance of being selected for a photo show on female leaders.

Questions? Contact Michael