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Framing the Shoot, Part 1

Framing the Shoot, Part 1

The other day, I stopped in at a free flash photography class in a Manhattan camera store. More than flash, I learned about how not to treat the people I photograph. Here’s a telling moment from the class:

Photography Instructor: Shoot her from here.

Model: Shoot me?

Photographer: Yes, shoot you. We’re both going to. The two us are going to shoot you at the same time.

Student photographer: Nervous laugh.

Audience: Silence.

Photographer: Okay. Let’s go. To model. Don’t screw up.

Photo turns out okay, not what the instructor was going for.

Photographer: Self effacingly to audience. In studio photography, if something goes wrong, blame the model!

Video: Photos with Ruby

Video: Photos with Ruby

Hello friends! I am proud to release this video about my photo work with the impeccable Ruby Gertz.

See how fashion designer and sex educator Ruby Gertz partnered with Michael to show her "unapologetic truth" in photographs.